Foam Injector

The CropCare Foam Injector is designed for sprayer booms up to 60 feet. It provides for the control of rate of foam flow which allows for the increase of ground speed. The high volume and long run time makes this unit a good choice for larger sprayers or commercial applications. It requires a fresh water source and related plumbing components that are not included.

CropCare F1000I Foam Injector

Model Specific Features Include:
  • Dedicated air compressor and liquid pump for increased foam output
  • Adjustable flow meter to control foam concentrate rate and foam output
  • Holds 2.5 gallons of foam concentrate **** Uses .25 to 1 GPH of foam concentrate
  • Requires fresh water source **** Water use ia approximately 3 GPH
  • Foaming time of 2.5 to 10 hours **** Maximum continuous run time of 4 - 10 hours
  • Min Power Supply 12 Volt / 15 Amp **** Power Useage 7 Amp Draw / 15 Amp Start
  • 20" L X 13" W X 14" H **** 24 Foot Wiring Harness **** 116 Feet Discharge Hose
  • Shipping Weight 40 lbs
CropCare F1000I Foam Injector
Price: $ Call + 60.00 S & H in Cont. US
CropCare F1000I Foam Injector

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